What system is right for me?

A question we face every day. To give you some basic information before you invest in Solar consider the following:

  • Efficiency
    • My father always told me paper is patient. From experience, we can tell you how many kWh/KW Panels your system will produce. We have seen entry-level inverters only producing only 2 kWh/KW Panels per day.
  • Cost
    • Cheap can be expensive. We have seen inverters that only produce 2kWh/KW Panels savings will be around R180/Month per 1 KW panels installed. Our entry-level product gives an average of 4.5 kWh/KW Panels savings will be at least R400/Month per 1 KW panels. (Calculated at R3/kWh)
  • Return on Investment
    • With the cost calculation, you can determine the ROI of your system. Let us use the following example:
      • System A costs you R50000, 3 KW panels your ROI will be R50000/R540=92.5 Months. (No Maintenance Included)
      • System B costs you R75000, 3 KW panels your ROI will be R75000/R1200=62.5 Months. (No Maintenance Included)
    • From this, we can see cheaper is not always better.
    • Remember the ROI of adding panels is around 20 months / KW Panels.
  • Reliability
    • System A will give a 2 Year Warranty but consider it is a repair-only warranty will not offer any savings or backup if it is in for repairs.

Do not hesitate to contact us for any sort of recommendation before you make the investment into alternative energy.